DIY Composting for Everyone

Americans waste an estimated 30-40% of our food supply every year. There are a few important ways we can reduce this: purchase less food initially, use all food purchased, and eat all leftovers. Composting offers another way to reduce your food waste. Vermicomposting, which uses worms to break down food faster, is an easy option that everyone (even renters and those without backyards) can do. Below, we offer a DIY composting tutorial on starting your vermicomposter.

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Wrapping Up 2018

2018 is wrapping up– and here at Cool Choices, we had a busy and exciting year. 

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6 Tips for a More Sustainable Thanksgiving

It’s nearly Thanksgiving! Here at Cool Choices, we’re excited to spend time with family and friends, as well as enjoy delicious food! While we can’t reduce the stress of hosting family and cooking the meal, we have a few suggestions for reducing the holiday’s impact on the planet.

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Kohler Power Systems Makes Cool Choices

Congratulations to Kohler Co. on their third Cool Choices employee engagement program! This program focused on Kohler Power Systems, Kohler’s division that manufactures generators and related products.

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Wylie ISD Second Cool Choices Sustainability Engagement Program Results

Congratulations to the Wylie Independent School District for completing their second Cool Choices sustainability engagement program! Wylie ISD is a public school district northeast of Dallas that serves more than 15,800 students from Wylie, Texas and neighboring communities. Nearly 275 staff across 23 schools and administrative buildings participated in the month-long Cool Choices program in October. This program follows their first program last April.

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A Call to Action: Reflections from the Sustain Dane Summit

Early into her presentation, Victoria Barrett accidentally jumped too far ahead in her PowerPoint. “Well,” she said, turning back to her audience. “I’ll just keep talking.” Barrett was presenting the years of activism that have culminated in her suing the federal government for its lack of action on climate change. She’s dedicated to pushing ahead for justice, no matter what the challenges. 

She’s 19.

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Beyond the Game: Biking in Appleton, WI

For many, reducing car usage can be intimidating, but using more sustainable methods of transportation is a critical part of fighting greenhouse gas emissions. Biking also has other benefits, like being healthier, getting discounts, and rarely having to worry about finding a nice parking space.

In our current game in Northeast Wisconsin, we are lucky to have many passionate players. One of them, Linda S., reached out to us to let us know about her successes and struggles of living a mostly car-free life in Appleton, WI. We asked her a few questions about what it’s like to be a cyclist in her city. 

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More Cool Choices with Wylie Independent School District


We are delighted to announce that we are running a second Cool Choices sustainability engagement program with the Wylie Independent School District in Wylie, Texas!

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Energy Efficiency: Choosing the Best Light Bulb


When it comes to choosing a light bulb, there are lots of options—but what’s the most energy efficient choice? Not all bulbs are created equal.

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A Cool Approach to Fuel Efficient Driving


Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to clear up some misconceptions around driving with the windows down versus using the AC to cool down your car.

Is it more energy efficient to use the A/C or to roll down the windows?

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