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Creating a Roadmap for Transforming Transportation

Transportation represented 28% of US greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. Reducing transportation emissions is critical to tackling climate change. Yet inspiring more people to adopt walking, biking, and public transit, as well as electrifying cars and trucks, is a major hurdle. How can we reduce transportation emissions quickly, and what have we learned from the successes of other energy-saving initiatives?

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Beyond the Game: Biking in Appleton, WI

For many, reducing car usage can be intimidating, but using more sustainable methods of transportation is a critical part of fighting greenhouse gas emissions. Biking also has other benefits, like being healthier, getting discounts, and rarely having to worry about finding a nice parking space.

In our current game in Northeast Wisconsin, we are lucky to have many passionate players. One of them, Linda S., reached out to us to let us know about her successes and struggles of living a mostly car-free life in Appleton, WI. We asked her a few questions about what it’s like to be a cyclist in her city. 

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A Cool Approach to Fuel Efficient Driving


Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to clear up some misconceptions around driving with the windows down versus using the AC to cool down your car.

Is it more energy efficient to use the A/C or to roll down the windows?

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Alumni Sustainability: Jane Opts for Sustainable Travel Choices


Cool Choices alumni continue to do amazing stuff after participating in our workplace and community sustainability engagement programs. Our program encourages individuals to make lifestyle changes in their daily activities that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other waste. The lasting changes participants make continue to persist for years to come. In fact, the changes they make not only affect themselves, but they share their new behaviors with friends and family to inspire even more sustainable action. 

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National Bike Month: The Benefits of Biking


May is National Bike Month! National Bike Month was established in 1956 by the League of American Bicyclists as a way to celebrate the many benefits of biking and to inspire more people to ride bikes.

The League of American Bicyclists believes that bicycling makes our nation healthier, economically stronger, environmentally cleaner, and more energy independent. Here’s a list of our top 5 benefits of biking and our top 5 fun biking ideas. 

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