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6 Tips for a More Sustainable Thanksgiving

It’s nearly Thanksgiving! Here at Cool Choices, we’re excited to spend time with family and friends, as well as enjoy delicious food! While we can’t reduce the stress of hosting family and cooking the meal, we have a few suggestions for reducing the holiday’s impact on the planet.

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Go Meatless for Sustainability on Monday or Any Day


Going meatless – on Monday or any day of the week, and as often as you’d like – is not only good for your health, but for the health of the planet as well. In fact, going meatless on Monday is something Cool Choices program participants can earn points for in our sustainability engagement programs. Some participants earn points just by eating less meat—opting for plant-based meals some of the time. While others adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Recently a 2018 alumna, Judy, reported that she’s switching to a plant-based diet so she can create a greener footprint for herself. Here’s more information on the benefits of going meat free.

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