About Us

Cool Choices is a nonprofit offering a game-based platform that helps your organization embrace sustainability, cut costs and boost employee engagement.


Cool Choices inspires actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Cool Choices’ network of individuals, businesses and communities
are actively engaged in addressing climate change.

The Cool Choices Team

Meet Our Board


Mark Redsten
Executive Director – Clean Wisconsin
President of Board of Directors

Paul Meier
Director – University of Wisconsin, Madison Energy Institute
Secretary of Board of Directors

Ex Officio Directors

Thomas Eggert
Executive Director – Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

Jeffrey Ripp
Administrator, Gas and Energy Division – Public Service Commission


Matt Frank
Attorney – Murphy Desmond 

David Gilles
Attorney – Godfrey & Kahn

Mark McGuire
Entrepreneur in Residence  American Family Ventures

Cari Anne Renlund
Vice President/General Counsel – Madison Gas & Electric Company

Amanda Goetsch
Sustainability Manager – Inpro Corporation

Bev Strand
Retired – Serial Entrepreneur and Business Leader


Cool Choices collaborates with partners on projects that leverage organizational strengths and expand the reach and impact of our programming.

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Annual Reports

Learn more about Cool Choices.

Cool Choices 2015 Annual Report (PDF)
Cool Choices 2014 Annual Report (PDF)