Inspiring sustainable practices is hard work; we share our insights and findings with others so that we can all achieve more results faster. You can also view our upcoming webinars or our on-demand webinars to learn more about strategies that inspire individuals, businesses and whole communities to adopt sustainable practices.


White Papers

“Employee Perspectives on Sustainability”

Organizations with a commitment to environmental sustainability or waste reduction have typically identified a person or team to lead those efforts. Increasingly, companies are recognizing the strategic advantages to engaging all employees around sustainability, not just the sustainability team or lead.

Companies engage the broader workforce to increase engagement, so that employees will feel proud, knowing that their organization aims to make a positive environmental impact.

Often organizations invite employees to share ideas on how the company could do even more to reduce waste. The resulting employee suggestions are great fodder for innovation and also offer insight into how current sustainability efforts look from the inside.

Cool Choices reviewed thousands of employee suggestions submitted through our 2016 programs. In this paper we offer insights into the issues that resonate with employees, identifying some of the sustainability challenges that remain and the implications for sustainability leaders.




Verified Results


Cool Choices is committed to achieving measurable results. Thousands of employees from organizations across multiple industries have played Cool Choices and saved. Cool Choices accounts for the impact of both new and existing environmentally sustainable actions. We also measure changes in attitudes toward sustainability.

Cool Choices works with energy evaluators to measure and verify the impacts of our programs. We also work with social scientists to explore and analyze game dynamics. These studies help Cool Choices increase our efficacy. They also lead to new insights about sustainable practices, and offer new opportunities to influence them.

Verified Energy Savings Reports

  • Miron Construction Energy Savings, February 5, 2013 (pdf)
    The Energy Center of Wisconsin did a comprehensive post-game impact analysis using a baseline survey, mid-game interviews, game data, a post-game survey, utility billing analysis and post-game interviews with selected players. The Center found mean electric savings of 6% of usage.

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