May is National Bike Month! National Bike Month was established in 1956 by the League of American Bicyclists as a way to celebrate the many benefits of biking and to inspire more people to ride bikes.

The League of American Bicyclists believes that bicycling makes our nation healthier, economically stronger, environmentally cleaner, and more energy independent. Here’s a list of our top 5 benefits of biking and our top 5 fun biking ideas. 

5 Benefits of Biking

From your health, the environment, and your pocket book, here a five benefits to riding your bike.

Biking is Heart Healthy

Studies show that people who get active every day are 31% less likely to develop high blood pressure. Like other forms of exercise, biking can also help to reduce stress levels and boost brain power.

Biking is a Great Alternative to Driving a Car

Did you know that half of the car trips taken in the U.S. are less than two miles? Next time you need to run that errand, consider biking. You’ll save gas money and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Plus there’s no need to worry about finding a parking spot!

Biking Reduces Carbon Emissions

If 10,000 people road their bike instead of driving for half of their short errand trips, emissions avoided would be equivalent to taking 200 cars off the road for a year!

Receive Discounts for Riding Your Bike

Did you know that many local businesses give customers discounts or deals if they bike rather than drive? It’s just one more great way you can save money from biking. Check your local area and see what bike discounts apply in your area.

Biking Helps Support Local Businesses

When you bike, rather than drive, you are more likely to keep your trip shorter and closer to home. When we shop closer to home, we are more likely to shop at local businesses.

5 Fun Biking Ideas

Bike to Work

During the month of May, check to see what local events are taking place in your area for Bike to Work Week and/or Bike to Work Day. The website recommends that if it your first time biking to work, find a buddy to ride with or take a bicycling education class to increase your range of biking skill sets.

Bike Sharing

Bike Share programs have become increasingly popular in communities across the country. Bike sharing is a community initiative that offers self-serve bike stations where bicycles are available for shared community usage on a short term basis. Bike share stations are typically located in higher traffic, accessible areas around a city or community.

Use a Bike for Business

If you’re an innovative entrepreneur who also cares about health and reducing carbon emissions, you might consider incorporating bike transportation into your business model. Bikes can easily contribute to local cargo transportation or delivery of goods locally. Plus, it’s easier to park in metro areas where parking may be more limited and pricey.

Restore a Vintage or Retro Bicycle

There’s no doubt that riding a bike will save you money at the pump, but getting a hold of a bike to ride also doesn’t need to require a large financial investment. Many bicyclists and bike commuters opt for restoring an old or vintage bike versus purchasing a new one. Many times all an old bike needs is a good bath, new brake cables, fresh tires, and of course, a bell or a horn.

Take Your Bike on a Date

Not only can biking be fun, but did you know biking can also help inspire romance? Take your significant other on a romantic bike date around the city, stopping at local shops and destinations along the way. Consider adding a basket or saddle bags to your bike, which are perfect for carrying a delicious picnic lunch to enjoy along your favorite waterfront or under your favorite shade tree.

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