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Here’s how Cool Choices helps your organization get results:

  1. Cool Choices begins with a fun, social and easy online card game.

  2. Players (and their teams) earn points by making Cool Choices—actions that save money and help the environment.

  3. By the end of the game, players see themselves—and their colleagues—differently: enthusiasm for sustainability goes up and operating costs go down.

Players have made more than 140,000 Cool Choices like the ones shown above.
These Cool Choices save more than $730,000 annually, reduce waste and avoid over 7.5 million lbs of annual CO2 emissions.

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About Cool Choices

Cool Choices is a nonprofit that has made sustainability fun, popular and easy since 2010. Our team is here to help your business, school or church embrace sustainability and cut costs.

team image

Kathy Kuntz

Executive Director
Kathy keeps Cool Choices fun, popular, easy and effective.
team image

Raj Shukla

Director of Programs
Raj grows the program and makes sure clients reach their goals.
team image

Emily Loew

Program Manager
Emily makes Cool Choices a simple and smooth experience.
team image

Danika Brubaker

Content Marketing Manager
Danika shares our remarkable client stories and successes.
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Germán González

Game Developer
Germán builds technologies that help your organization save.


Cool Choices inspires actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Cool Choices’ network of individuals, businesses and communities are actively engaged in addressing climate change.

Board Officers

Mark Redsten
Executive Director – Clean Wisconsin
President of Board of Directors

Kristine Krause
Retired – We Energies
Vice President of Board of Directors

Roy Thilly
Retired – WPPI Energy, Inc.
Treasurer of Board of Directors

Paul Meier
Director – University of Wisconsin, Madison Energy Institute
Secretary of Board of Directors

Other Board Members

Kristine Euclide
Vice President/General Counsel – Madison Gas & Electric Company

Matt Frank
Attorney – Murphy Desmond

David Gilles
Attorney – Godfrey & Kahn

Tia Nelson

June A. Schroeder
Founder – Liberty Financial Group

Bev Strand

Ex Officio Non-Voting Board Members

Jeffrey Ripp
Administrator, Gas and Energy Division – Public Service Commission

Contact Us

(608) 443-4270

222 N. Midvale Blvd, Suite 8, Madison, WI 53705


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Work With Us

Cool Choices has an opening for a full-time PHP Web Developer.
If you possess exceptional programming talent, outstanding interpersonal skills and terrific time and task management abilities, we would love to hear from you.

Full Job Description and How to Apply (pdf)


Cool Choices collaborates with partners on projects that leverage organizational strengths and expand the reach and impact of our programming. Click below to learn more about our partners – and email us at info@coolchoices.com if you are interested in working with us.