Aggressive Sustainability Goals Require Culture Change.

We support transformational change.

Our sustainability efforts engage and empower people to adopt sustainable practices at work and at home.

Facilitating a New Normal

We want sustainable habits to be…well, just what people do. We can help you celebrate sustainable practices in a way that prompts conversations that inspire even more sustainable actions, which promote new social norms and lead to widespread behavior change.

cool choices facilitating new normal
cool choices making sustainability visible

Make Sustainability Visible

Your organization’s sustainability efforts best serve you when they are visible to your stakeholders. Often, so much of what we do to be sustainable is not public. That’s why transparency is a cornerstone of our program efforts.

cool choices making sustainability visible

Broader Audience, More Savings Potential

Feel like you are preaching to the choir when it comes to sustainability? At Cool Choices, we’re experts in engaging diverse audiences, including folks indifferent to – or even adverse to- sustainability. We can help you change both practices AND perspectives – so you can reduce emissions, AND win over hearts and minds.

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Get Results

Organizations across multiple industries have increased their savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

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