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Being the Change in Northeast Wisconsin

From our experience in northeast Wisconsin, we know that people want to do the right things. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge—or perhaps a fun workplace game—to make it happen.

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Beyond the Game: Biking in Appleton, WI

For many, reducing car usage can be intimidating, but using more sustainable methods of transportation is a critical part of fighting greenhouse gas emissions. Biking also has other benefits, like being healthier, getting discounts, and rarely having to worry about finding a nice parking space.

In our current game in Northeast Wisconsin, we are lucky to have many passionate players. One of them, Linda S., reached out to us to let us know about her successes and struggles of living a mostly car-free life in Appleton, WI. We asked her a few questions about what it’s like to be a cyclist in her city. 

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Making Cool Choices in Northeast Wisconsin



Some ideas are so good that they merit replication.

Last year Cool Choices did a community-scale sustainability program in Waukesha County, in partnership with the county’s workforce development team and local chambers of commerce. Sustainability leaders in the Fox Valley heard about the program and reached out to ask if we could replicate the program in their region.

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