Sustainable Communities Webinar Series

Cool Choices is excited to offer our Sustainable Communities webinar series, funded by the Carolyn Foundation. This series of four webinars aims to increase the capacity of local leaders to engage and inspire climate action in their communities.

All of these webinars are FREE and open to anyone interested in learning more about inspiring a local culture where sustainable practices are the new normal.

The webinars will be especially relevant to city staff charged with leading sustainability efforts, elected officials working to deepen sustainability efforts locally, and citizens interested in jump starting sustainability in their community.


“Sustainable Communities: Envisioning What’s Possible”

In this webinar, we highlighted successes from existing community sustainability programs and encouraged leaders to envision the possibilities in their own community.


“Sustainable Communities: Accelerating Sustainable Practices”

In this webinar, we showcased the role social norms play in influencing behaviors. Leaders will learn how public promotion and recognition can create a virtuous cycle.


“Sustainable Communities: Empowering Green Choices”

In this webinar, we will review choice architecture, and the various ways communities can make it easier for citizens to do the right things. We’ll review how leaders can frame opportunities, negate choice overload, and the benefits of opt-out strategies.


“Sustainable Communities: Building Enthusiasm for Sustainability”

In this webinar, we will summarize additional behavior science best practices and successful strategies from other community programs in order to build sustainability enthusiasm strategies into local efforts.