We provide consulting on advancing sustainability engagement goals for businesses and communities. We empower you to make sustainable practices the new normal.

Cool Choices increases stakeholder engagement in green initiatives. We offer a range of sustainability consulting services in order to meet your unique objectives.

Our team has been inspiring individuals, businesses, and whole communities to adopt sustainable practices for decades. We have on-the-ground experience in hundreds of workplaces and communities, ranging from heavy manufacturing to kindergarten classrooms. We understand engagement theory and best practices that are grounded in research, as well as real-world realities. Let us help you address your organization’s challenges, make change happen, and get results via our sustainability engagement consulting services.

Best Practice Training for Sustainability Engagement

Green teams often feel overwhelmed by the challenge of engaging the broader workforce in sustainable practices. Frustrated that past efforts have not yielded results, team members may become skeptical or even disengaged themselves.

Cool Choices offers highly interactive workshops that are customized to your organizational goals. Sustainability leaders will gain hands-on experience that leverages insights from behavioral science to inspire change. Your team will leave the workshop with a toolkit of strategies for engagement, as well as tips on measuring impacts.

Customizing a Sustainability Engagement Strategy

Every organization’s culture is a little different. What works in one community might not work in another. Engaging folks around sustainability requires a deep understanding of best practices, coupled with actionable insights about the local.

We can work with you to review your existing efforts, identifying the bright spots that merit expansion, as well as opportunities for enhancement. As part of the process, we’ll help you assess the levers you can use to accelerate sustainability and identify strategies for any barriers left to overcome.

Sustainability Communications Review

We help you update your communications to maximize stakeholder engagement and create messaging that aligns with your values, brand, and corporate sustainability goals. Your organization will come away with an inspiring stories about your sustainability initiatives that will resonates with employees, vendors, clients, and other stakeholders.

We can also help to implement an outreach strategy to share your successes more widely, inspiring even more sustainable action and engagement. Let us help you snowball small successes into huge victories.

Measuring Engagement Outcomes

Are you wondering how to measure the impact of your sustainability engagement efforts? We can help you identify and implement strategies for measuring outcomes—environmental, personal, and organizational—as well as monetizing the outcomes of your sustainability engagement efforts.