Waukesha County Sustainability Savings Results

Congratulations to Waukesha County on completing their Cool Choices community-wide sustainability program! Check out the energy and resource savings results of their program!

In October 2017, Cool Choices launched a free county-wide sustainability program with Waukesha County businesses and residents. We worked with local chambers of commerce and county workforce development officials to implement the program across the county. Our goals were to help local businesses interact with their employees around sustainability and inspire people to adopt sustainable practices that save energy, water, and gasoline while reducing landfill waste.

Over 500 people took at least one cool choice as part of the program. In total, participants reported more than 31,000 “cool choices” associated with energy and resource savings via travel choices, water usage, and waste management – both at work and at home.

Check out some of the resource and monetary savings Waukesha County achieved during their six week Cool Choices program. All estimates are annualized,meaning that if players maintain the sustainable habits the took during the program, these savings could accrue year after year!

Waukesha County Savings Results

  • $64,527 in new savings – an average savings of $126.77 for each active player.
  • The total electric savings are sufficient to power 77 homes for a year.
  • 2,271,473 gallons of water saved, which is enough water to fill 3.44 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • The total gasoline savings are equivalent to about 2,113 gasoline fill-ups, assuming a vehicle with a 15-gallon gas tank.
  • The total carbon dioxide emissions reductions are equivalent to taking 926 car trips from Los Angeles to New York City.

Waukesha Post-Game Results

The Sustainability Bottom Line

These numbers speak for themselves. Saving resources is important, but so is the saving the community money. As an added bonus for businesses, the increased employee engagement our program provides also correlates with increased profitability. For more details, please check out our recent blog article on how participants in Waukesha County feel the Cool Choices program has influenced them.

Are you interested in implementing a community-scale sustainability program in your area? Contact us for more information. Or learn more how and why we focus on employee engagement in our programs by viewing one of our on-demand sustainability webinars.

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