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Sustainability: Behavior Change Can be Fun, Social, and Easy

sustainability behavior change fun social easy

From the beginning, our mission at Cool Choices has been to inspire individuals, businesses, and whole communities to adopt sustainable practices which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We aim to accomplish our mission by changing behaviors. Sound easy, right? Maybe not. We also aim to make sustainable behavior change fun and social. Here’s how.

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Cool Choices in Action: Inpro’s Sustainability Story

inpro sustainability

Cool Choices met with Amanda Goetsch, Corporate Sustainability Manager at Inpro Corporation, during a recent webinar to discuss the successful results Inpro received from implementing Cool Choices employee engagement programs as part of their sustainability initiatives.

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Sustainable Practices that Add Up


We often assert that small sustainable practices add up. So what are some specific examples? Honestly, the examples are everywhere!

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Incentives and Motivation: It’s Complicated!

incentives motivation employee engagement sustainability

Sustainability professionals are in the business of making change happen, and that typically means motivating people to do something differently than how they did it previously. Engaging and encouraging a population to change behavior required both incentives and motivation – and that’s complicated! Here are some examples many of our client see in the workplace:

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