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Motivating Everyone, Without Bribes

The IPCC’s sharp warnings about climate change are prompting an increased sense of urgency. Every sustainability and climate change advocate wants to motivate change faster. We want to engage everyone and to inspire them all to take meaningful actions that reduce emissions.

So let’s do it already.

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More Than Home Energy Reports: Behavior and Energy Efficiency

home energy report behavior energy efficiency

Wondering how you can influence behavior to reduce energy usage among businesses as well as residents?

Over the last decade, energy efficiency programs—faced with aggressive goals and fewer easy wins relative to technology—began seeking to change participant behaviors, especially at the household level. One strategy—home energy reports—dominated the program design. Home energy reports feature a model where participants receive feedback on how their energy usage compares to other homes—leveraging social norms. There is now plenty of research proving that households will reduce their energy usage if they learn that their consumption is higher than other peer households.

However, one of the challenges with the home energy report model, is that while we know that households reduce their usage, we don’t know how they reduced their usage, or for how long those reductions will persist.

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Incentives and Motivation: It’s Complicated!

incentives motivation employee engagement sustainability

Sustainability professionals are in the business of making change happen, and that typically means motivating people to do something differently than how they did it previously. Engaging and encouraging a population to change behavior required both incentives and motivation – and that’s complicated! Here are some examples many of our client see in the workplace:

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Eco-Service of the Year Winner!

Cool Choices Wins In Business Eco-Service of the Year Award

Madison, WI – October 23, 2013 – In Business Magazine has awarded Cool Choices its 2013 Eco-Service Business Sustainability Award. The award recognizes a new service that helps solve an environmental problem, demonstrates a superior environmentally conscious design and/or helps an individual better manage his or her environmental footprint. Cool Choices promotes individual and corporate-level environmentally sustainable practices through an employee engagement game, partnering with businesses and public entities to implement the game.

“We are delighted to receive the In Business Eco-Service of the Year Award for our innovative efforts,” said Kathy Kuntz, Executive Director of Cool Choices. “Our partners seek to reduce waste and increase efficiency through sustainable practices, and Cool Choices helps them inspire and engage their employees, so that smart and sustainable practices are the ‘new normal’ in their organizations.”

Since 2010 Cool Choices has inspired employees to embrace sustainability through an innovative game model. Wisconsin businesses in sectors as diverse as commercial construction, health care, manufacturing, local government and law, have game participants that collectively have saved over $400,000 and avoided 4.7 million pounds of CO2 annually because of sustainable choices made in Cool Choices games.


Cool Choices
Established in 2009, Cool Choices inspires and assists individuals, communities and businesses to take actions reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. A Madison-based nonprofit, Cool Choices seeks to make sustainable choices the norm by making them fun, social and easy. For more information visit www.coolchoices.com