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“I was skeptical…but it really works!”

It’s ok, we get that a lot – even some our clients admit that they were surprised by how well our employee engagement programs worked to motivate behavior change around sustainability, and to deliver immediate savings results – all while influencing hearts and minds over the longer term.

As people, we tend to think we understand how behavioral change works – the factors that influence our own actions, and the best ways to influence others. But in reality, many people mistakenly presume information changes behaviors; that if people knew what I know, they’d do something different. The research is clear: information isn’t sufficient to influence change, especially across broad populations.

People change when that change is fun, social and easy. That’s the recipe behind all of our efforts at Cool Choices, and that recipe delivers!

Facilitating Behavioral Change

Cool Choices just issued a white paper detailing results of our 2016 programs – an illustration of just how well our programs deliver. We talk, of course, about how the program inspires people to take new sustainable actions – for example: delivering an average of .6 MeT of CO2 emission reductions per participant.

More, though, we look at how Cool Choices’ programs influences how people think about themselves and their peers. For instance, if I think of myself as someone who cares about sustainability, I’m more likely to make sustainable choices. And if I believe my peers – my family, friends, and co-workers – if I believe that those people also care about sustainability, then I’m even more likely to adopt new sustainable practices. When coupled with evidence that an individual’s actions really do add up, this is a great recipe for change, especially when it’s delivered in a fun format!

For more details on how implementing a Cool Choices program – and the behavioral theories that really work – please view a recording our our recent webinar, “Motivate, Empowered & Already Saving: A Summary of Results.” Or, download our white paper, which outlines results from our 2016 employee engagement programs, and how we inspired real behavior change around sustainability for our clients.

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