Clean Energy Delivers Benefits in Minnesota

windmill with mountain in background

Local stories have the possibility to showcase the many benefits of clean energy– including in the Midwest.

A lot of climate-related stories focus on the national and even international aspects of renewable energy. You might read, for example, about the hundreds of influential corporations that have committed to use 100% renewable power or that renewable energy is increasingly cheaper than other fuel sources.

While inspiring, these stories don’t really give you a sense of how clean energy plays out for regular people. Perhaps that’s why we love The Power of Minnesota, a website and documentary that showcases how clean energy delivers benefits to regular people across Minnesota.

The Power of Minnesota stories are compelling. Farmers—young and old—talk about how wind turbines and solar installations are providing steady revenue, reducing some of the risk associated with farming. Business people’s businesses are growing due to the surge in clean energy installations. Already there are more than 59,000 clean energy jobs in Minnesota, and that number is expected to grow 4.6% in the next year.

Beyond business, local government officials discuss how the tax revenue associated with these installations is providing city and county governments with money for road repairs. Schools also benefit from increased tax revenue.

And the stories aren’t just rural—for example, solar installations in Minneapolis are creating job training opportunities in urban neighborhoods.

The Power of Minnesota is a joint effort of clean energy advocates and communications experts. As a part of the effort, communities can arrange a local screening of the documentary—which is, of course, a great opportunity to jump start local conversations about clean energy.

Check out The Power of Minnesota videos for yourself. We bet you’ll be as charmed by these local stories as we are. The effort is a great demonstration of how investments in clean energy pay off for everyone.

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