Learn how our game-based sustainability programs work to increase sustainable habits and decrease bottom lines.

Cool Choices program participants earn points for the sustainable actions they take at work and at home, inspiring new actions and ideas that reinforce the organization’s sustainability goals.

Earn Points for Making “Cool Choices”

Our game-based sustainability programs utilize our online platform to make being more sustainable easy and fun – bike to work and earn 30 points! The team-based program makes it socially compelling, facilitating conversations, and peer collaboration.

cool choices sustainability program earn points
sustainability enthusiasm up operating costs down

As Enthusiasm for Sustainability Goes Up, Operating Costs Go Down

From Fortune 500 companies to local units of government, our partners have inspired employees and community members via the Cool Choices program to make new sustainable actions that reduce energy, water, and fuel consumption part of their daily routine – a routine which saves money and reduces emissions.

sustainability enthusiasm up operating costs down

Insightful Data on Participation Rates & Sustainable Impacts

Clients receive real-time access to participation data, plus post-program impact reports that detail financial and environmental benefits. The data identifies trends in sustainable practices, as well as new leaders within the community – all the stuff you need to know to take your efforts even further!

sustainability program data participation rates impacts

Get to Know Cool Choices

Want a deeper understanding of how Cool Choices sustainability engagement programs for businesses and communities work? We offer two free on-demand webinars, first explaining the theory behind our system and then offering a tour of the platform.

Cool Choices: A Quick Intro

cool choices sustainability program intro webinar

In this webinar, we discuss what makes Cool Choices sustainability programs tick. From behavior theory to past client results, you’ll receive information you need to determine if our program is right for your business or community.

Cool Choices: Platform Demo & Q&A

cool choices sustainability program platform demo webinar

In this webinar, we showcase our intuitive online platform, which makes it easy for participants to engage and socialize about their sustainable actions.