Our Platform, Your Objectives.

Customize our sustainability engagement programs to align with your goals. Have an existing program? Integrate Cool Choices to increase and broaden participation.

Customize and brand your program to drive specific outcomes that align with your organization’s goals.

In addition to a wide range of branding options, we customize the content of your program – encouraging people to take actions that meet your sustainability objectives.

Increase Participation

Cool Choices increases participation rates and creates a “buzz” about your existing sustainability efforts via customized actions.

Learn about a pilot program where we identified high energy users and encouraged them to participate in efficiency programs.

Identify New Sustainability Leaders

Our program data analytics enable you to identify emergent leaders within and across participant segments. In fact, many clients use program data to identify and recruit new green team members.

Accelerate Goal Achievements

Customize Cool Choices to educate participants about current organizational sustainability goals or protocols. Some clients have experienced as many as 75% of participants reviewing company CSR goals with our program – greatly expanding awareness of these initiatives.

Integrate Safety, CSR, and Other Priorities

Integrate volunteerism, safety, or other key objectives into your custom Cool Choices program to broaden effort and appeal to all stakeholder segments. For example, adding a “Quality” category enabled one client to focus participants on product waste mitigation.

Enhance Brand Loyalty

Customize Cool Choices so your story is front and center. Include actions that solicit your brand’s unique stories, and share the results via your social media or other channels to inspire and inform customers, clients, and stakeholders of your corporate sustainability efforts.

Maximize Results

Whatever your priorities, we can customize a program that ensures your organization’s success.