The Cool Choices Solution

Cool Choices helps your organization embrace sustainability and cut costs.
By the end of the game, enthusiasm for sustainability goes up
and operating costs go down.

How it Works

Cool Choices begins with a fun, social and easy online card game.

Play­ing Cool Choices takes only a few min­utes a day and builds a buzz about sus­tain­abil­ity at your organization.


Players earn points by making Cool Choices—actions that save money and help the environment.

In a game of Cool Choices players can cheer, coach and learn from one another on the topic of sustainability.

Cool Choices delivers increased engagement, greater sustainability awareness and decreased costs.

Clients receive an impact report with financial and environmental savings as well as details on the breadth and depth of engagement Cool Choices has generated.

Individuals and organizations build on this momentum and continue to innovate long after the game ends.