How much time does it take to play Cool Choices?

Most participants spend less than two minutes a day in the Cool Choices platform. Users will simply log in, play a card, and earn points for their team.

Do players need to be skilled at using computers to play Cool Choices?

Playing Cool Choices is easy and intuitive. There’s no tech-savvy or special training required. When you log in for the first time, a brief tutorial highlights the game’s features. Daily emails include a quick link to log into the game.

Can Cool Choices be played on a tablet or mobile phone?

Yes, Cool Choices is designed for any device you may be using. Playing Cool Choices is fun, simple, and easy from a mobile phone, tablet, and/or personal computer.

Is there a Cool Choices mobile app?

Cool Choices functions just like a mobile app on your smart phone, without using up your storage space or requiring frequent updates. Cool Choices is a web application built responsively: it adapts to the PC, mobile phone, or tablet you are using to provide the same rich experience.

Is the Cool Choices platform available in languages other than English?

Yes! Cool Choices is available in Spanish. You can choose this language option during registration and from the Settings menu.

What happens after organizations implement Cool Choices?

Clients find that playing Cool Choices creates a great deal of buzz about sustainability that can be leveraged for broader and deeper impacts.  Learn more about the variety of options available to clients after program engagement ends.

How are program results shared with Cool Choices clients?

At the end of every program, Cool Choices delivers an impact report that summarizes the financial and environmental impacts associated with the “cool choices” participants adopted. Clients also have full access to all the sustainability improvement ideas generated during the program by participants. Cool Choices also provides data summarizing shifts in participant attitudes and beliefs towards sustainability and their employer as a result of the program. Learn more about our program results.

How does Cool Choices verify its results?

Cool Choices has worked with independent evaluators to verify end-of-program impacts. Additionally, we’ve designed the program to facilitate honesty and transparency. For example, colleagues can see the “cool choices” a participant claims during the program.

How much does it cost to play Cool Choices?

The cost of Cool Choices varies and is based on an organization’s customization needs, as well as organization size. Learn more about program customizations.

Can Cool Choices incorporate my organization’s priorities into the program?

Yes. We customize the program and our platform all the time to integrate client priorities and objectives. Learn more about customization and branding options.

What kinds of workplaces can participate in Cool Choices?

Cool Choices is successful in a wide variety of workplaces, from office settings to manufacturing facilities.

Can my school, church, or other type of organization play Cool Choices?

Any organization can participate in Cool Choices sustainability engagement programs. Schools in Wisconsin can access a free version through our partners at Green & Healthy Schools. Even whole communities – like cities and counties – can participate. Check out our Waukesha County case study.