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Cool Choices alumni continue to practice the sustainable habits they were inspired to take as part of our employee and community engagement programs long after the programs end. Often, alumni will send us stories to tell us the green steps they are continuing to make in their daily lives.

This month, we spotlight Mary and celebrate the sustainable vehicle choice her family made.

Alumni Q&A: Mary’s Sustainable Vehicle Choice

What green activities have you been up to since taking part in the Cool Choices program?

My husband and I were both Cool Choices participants and when we moved to Idaho last year we made the decision to become a one-car family. Big money saver and resource saver!

What tips do you have for others trying to be sustainable?

We plan our use of the car and have bicycles for backup.

Benefits of a One-Vehicle Household

Mary and her husband made a great decision to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they were producing by becoming a one-car family and incorporating zero-emissions bike transit into their lifestyle. This decision not only lowers emissions, but also lowers expenses – and not just from gasoline at the pump. Limiting your household to one vehicle also reduces expenses paid on insuring and maintaining the vehicle. You could even trade in a monthly car payment for cash by selling your second vehicle. And because you now have to coordinate family schedules and activities around vehicle use, you’ll be a lot smarter about reducing extra or unnecessary trips to the store or around town.

Other Sustainable Transportation Ideas

Becoming a one-car household is not the only sustainable method of vehicle transportation. There are plenty of other alternatives to consider.

Of course, you can always choose to commute by bike – it’s not only a healthy alternative to driving a car, it’s also fun! However, if you live in Wisconsin, like we do, biking is not always ideal for winter weather conditions.

If you live in a metro area, public transit is a more sustainable transportation option worth considering. In fact, the millennial generation has embraced public transit and is leading the trend for future considerations and advancements.

Carpooling is always a good option. Ride sharing with a friend is a great way to reduce transportation costs and emissions!

Traditional Vehicle Alternative: Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrids

Perhaps you like – or need – the independence of your own vehicle. We get it! We live in a busy, fast-paced, on-the-go world. If this is the case, consider an electric vehicle (EV) or a hybrid vehicle.

If you haven’t considered an EV, you should ask yourself why not? With rapid battery cost declines, increased range, low operating costs, and a rising commitment from major automakers, EVs sales are projected to surge in the coming years.

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