We’re All Adopting Eco-Driving Habits

JackRabbitCardScreenShotFolks who play Cool Choices discover simple eco-driving habits that save money and reduce their carbon footprint. During a game of Cool Choices, card actions offer points to players who improve their daily driving habits. For example, players can earn points for their team by avoiding “jack rabbit” starts and stops, driving the speed limit, and removing extra weight from their vehicles. (Of course there are also points for choosing public transportation, biking or walking instead of driving.)

By making eco-driving habits a fun and social challenge, these changes become a simple and cool way to see increased fuel efficiency and to be more green.

Check out what our Cool Choices participants have to say about their new driving habits:


Drive the Speed Limit, Save $

“I drive around 500 miles/week and slowing down saves me close to $10/week in fuel.”

“I’ve slowed down while driving most places. As a result, I’ve seen about a 3% increase in fuel efficiency.”

“I tend to drive fast and Cool Choices has taught me about money savings to drive the speed limit and [I] walked away being less stressed and calmer when driving and taking in the beautiful scenery around me.”

“It is hard for me to give up driving all together, but I was glad to hear that it was possible to make my habits better.”


Combine Errand Trips, Follow the Over/Under 40MPH Rule

“My wife and I have made a pact to run into town only once per day.
Previous to the game we might drive into town three or four times a day… Now we make a list of things we need.”

“If we need something, we do a list and bundle the errands together.  Saves time/gas/money.”

“Learning the 40mph rule (under 40mph windows down, over 40mph use AC) was very helpful,
I never knew the threshold before but suspected there must be one.”


Choose Not to Idle, Maintain Recommended Tire Pressure 

“I will never idle my car if I have the option to turn it off.”

“My co-worker actually permanently changed her commuting habits (leaving earlier in the morning to avoid sitting in traffic and idling)
because of the game. Come on now, that’s cool!”

“[I’m] committed to checking tire pressure on a weekly basis.”

Join in and try some of these green driving tips today! 

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